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Dragon Actor's Theatre LLC

Coaching & Talent Management

Welcome To Dragon Actor's Theatre LLC- NOTICE BOARD

Awarded Best of Fredericksburg 2015- Entertainment Agencies and Bureaus.

Thank you to all those who attended the workshop, Agents, Managers and Other Scary Beasties at CVTV Studios on October 25th.

STOP!!! Before submitting your chid to commercial and theatrical agents have you opened a Coogan Account?  This is the law under all SAG-AFTRA contracts.  15% of all monies earned under a professional contract will automatically be paid into the account.  This is to protect your child from any unauthorized spending of money from family members, and other mismanagement of funds.

Breaking Into Show-business- upcoming workshop November 15th-January 31st. 3.00-5.00pm.  Ten sessions.  $450.00 Three private 45 minute sessions included in the package.  Participation by audition only.  Must be age 12-18.

Beginning January 2016- Dragon Talent Management.  Want to take your performing career to the next level?  Ask Dragon how.  

Dragon Tip Of The Day. Headed to a Call Back? Congratulations, that's great news! Now what to wear? How about the outfit you wore to your original casting audition! Same hair too! Why? Well you charmed the Casting Director wearing XYZ while you wowed them with your acting. They went away and talked about how great you were...even brought another CD back to look at you, maybe even the Producer. Let them see what the others saw at your first showing. Keep it Neat..Keep it Simple..keep it You.

You need to know this; what is the story arc in your scene? What is at stake for your character? Dare to go beyond the typical 'belting out' of an emotion or a song. Have you ever spoken a scene while performing normal everyday tasks such as folding the laundry? Try does it make the difference in your line delivery? Be the one percent who takes their talent to the next level. Ask Dragon how.

Now taking registrations for 2016 Trinity College London Acting, Musical Theatre, Shakespeare, Solo Acting, Performance, and  Speech and Drama Examinations. 

Please remember, fees for workshops, private coaching and other services must be paid in full prior to or at the start of the chosen coaching package.  There are no exceptions to this. Thank you.


923 Maple Grove Drive

Unit 105

Fredericksburg, VA